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    About this Blog

    This blog contains information I wish I had earlier-on while becoming a self-taught Software Engineer. The term self-taught is a dubious one because you’re always learning from others, even if it’s not from a traditional educational institution. I’m curious to see how helpful this information is to people interested in software development, as well as those who work around software and would like to improve their technical communication.

    Although there are plenty of ways to learn to code, deciding which path to take can be daunting with a high chance of taking a sub-optimal path to your goal. Heck, even deciding what your goal is can be tough. Maybe this blog can provide a bird’s eye view of this crowded landscape.

    I also believe it’s reasonable to assume that over time, more peoples’ work roles will naturally shift towards being connected to software in one way or another, requiring everyone to increase their software-related technical productive output. Maybe this blog can fill in a few gaps.



    Sam Malayek works in London for Thought Machine, and uses this space to fill in a few gaps.